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Poetry In Motion

He had no fear in his eyes

As they fought

Or any anger 

He was calm 

Too calm

And he wasn't breathing heavy yet


In fact

The longer they fought 

The better he seemed to get 

He found his rhythm 

Was able to flow 

He had made an agreement with gravity 

Years ago

To take it easy on him

In exchange 

He'd learn about gravity 

And with it


He made an agreement with them, too

When he met them

Space agreed to let him move smoothly through her

And time 

He agreed to slow down for the man

But only when he was doing something from the soul 

And this man was 

Poetry in motion

Poetry embodied 

It was his dance 

His mat

His cage

Freedom in a cage

He was free

Truly free

And then the bell rang

And it was over . . .

He got into his $400 car

And he went back

To being

Just another 

Broke writer

And now 

An old fighter 

But for 45 minutes that day

He was free

CH 4/19/24

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