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She is a parasite in my mind

She invaded and refuses to leave

I try to kill her,

but she keeps eating me,

sucking me dry.

She takes a good moment

and burrows deeper,

reminding me that she is still there,

eating the good moment.

The parasite in my mind.

When I wish for peace,

I feel her

and I am left troubled

and trembling.

I meet a wonderful woman

and the parasite rages wildly,

thrashing around in the empty space between my ears.

The wonderful woman notices my troubles

and leaves me alone

with the parasite in my mind.

I talk to her

I ask her to leave

I beg her to let me have peace

She burrows even deeper.

She’s a stubborn one,

but I knew that

before I let her in.

Now she has a new home.

I just wish I could have a happy,

or even a sad experience,

without her being there,

but no,

she continues to eat me alive.

I asked god for love

and but instead,

he sent me this worm.

What a cruel trick.

They say god doesn't send you

what you ask for,

but instead,

sends you what you need.

I turn to God

And ask,

“Do I really need this God??”

He laughs at me and responds,

“Of course you do.”


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