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Old And Fat

I hope you’ll love me

When I am old and fat

Because I am pretty sure

That day will be here

Real soon,

Maybe even as soon as


And what a blessing it is to get old.

They don’t seem to tell you that when you are young, though, do they?

All they tell you are things like,

“Cherish your youth!”


“It goes by so quickly.”

They’ll say things like,

“I’ll tell you what, it isn’t easy getting old”

Or you’ll hear someone in their twenties say,

“I’d rather die than get old.”

And maybe it is true,

that getting old is both a curse

and a blessing;

But please remember, my dear friends,

That some kids never got old;

Some teens never became an adult;

And that getting old means that you’re still alive.

You have survived.

When your aesthetic beauty fades away, like it inevitably will,

Who will you be then?

What will matter to you?

Chose quickly,

Because tomorrow

You might wake up

Old and fat.

And I’m here to tell you that

There is absolutely nothing wrong

With that.

CH 11/6/23

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