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Naked In The Sun

A hot day

in February

around here

is an anomaly.

We are used to 3 feet worth of snow by now.

I can feel my skin getting warmed up

by the hot ball of flame

that floats in the cloudless sky

above my head.

I notice fear

in the tone

of the few.

They feel

that this unexpected sunshine

is a precursor

to our future.

Climate Change

The apocalyptic version

Where everyone dies

and it was completely our own fault.

They cannot enjoy

this beautiful winter day

with fear floating over their heads;

instead of the blue sky

that floats over mine.

Letting go

of the things that you cannot control

is key

for peace of mind.

You can control your own carbon omission

as best you can

You can recycle

but you cannot control today’s sun.

It might snow in a few days

It might snow in a few weeks

You don’t know

and you have no control over it

You only have right now guaranteed

So take off all your clothes

Spread out your arms

Smile back at the sun

and enjoy it while you can.


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