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More Than A Pixel

Not just a pixel in the big picture of the universe

Not just a piano key

You can’t step on me 

You can’t make an identical copy

Not just a perspective 

Not just a river flowing downstream

Not just a firefly in the night sky

Not just a reluctant taxpayer

Not just a middle child

Not just a man 

Not just the words

And not just the books

Not the songs

And not the mask

Not the art

Or the heart 

Not what’s within

Not what people hear when they’re listening

Not just what they see

Not just this skin

Not just the eyes

Not where the electron gets its spin

And not the sin

Not where I started

Or where I am

Not where I am going

Or how life is flowing 

Not this moment

Or the next one

Not an algorithm

And not my whims

Not the wind

Or the trees

Not what I currently believe

Or things I can achieve 

Not my lovers

Or my brother


Those things makeup me

But singularly 

They aren’t me

I can’t be defined

More than just the body, spirit, soul and the mind

More than just a puzzle piece

In the collective reality 

And so are you.

CH 5/27/24

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