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Monday Magic

My monday magic

Where I make my intentions more than just a habit

I point myself in a direction

And try to apply the lessons

That I’ve learned

From the memories that have been burned

Inside the mind

A bookmark in time

I turn my back

On the mistakes of the past

And look for

New ways

New possibilities

So the past doesn’t repeat for eternity

I try to be worthy

Of life

And let life

Be worthy of me

So many possibilities

So many ways

When we aren’t too afraid

To change

So many ways

This life can be


So many ways

This life can be strange

So many ways

For us to behave

There is never just one way

There is potential in every way

And on Monday

I remind myself of this

I write it

And recite it

To make it stick

This week

I will embody

This chaos star necklace

Around my neck right now

And remember

There is potential

In every way

The only thing I have to do

Is to not be afraid

Of change.


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