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Lower/Middle Class American

Updated: Aug 11

I overate again

It’s one of my best skills

My stomach

Has the ability

To expand

8 times

It’s normal size

When overeating

I fill it

With all sorts of shit:


Ice cream

Giant breakfast burritos from a food cart


Chocolate milk



Energy drinks



Fast food

It’s the

lower/middle class diet

. . .

I don’t think I am middle class . . .

I’m not sure where the lines are?

Or who draws them?

Are they on our taxes?

I feel like they should be . . .

I made 40,000 last year

What does that make me?

In Bend, Oregon,

In 2023,

It feels poor.


That’s probably just this time and place.

I live in a damn expensive state

And the most expensive city in the state.


My stomach hurts

And I still want to eat

The candy

That’s on the counter

Being able

To stuff yourself full

In the most expensive city

In the most expensive state

Is probably

A middle class thing to do.

I never knew . . .

Instead of the candy on the counter,

I ate my brother's ice cream.

-C.H. 8.7.23

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