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Meet The Writer

They are supposed to meet the writer

  But I’d rather have them meet a typewriter

We basically do the same thing

   It’s the same songs that we sing

And at least

    With the typewriter

There is some mystique 

    When you meet me

And see a silly man

   Behind all of the carefully laid plans

It humbles me

    And it helps you

You don’t always want to meet the chef that makes your food

   That chef might be in a bad mood

But still makes good food

  Just for you to eat in twenty minutes 

And move on

   And three hours later

Your dumping a log

   In the toilet 

His creation 

    His hard work

His life

    Has become a piece of shit

Floating in your toilet

And when was the last time you thanked the cook? When was the last time you thanked the lady who wrote your book?

Get a good look at the typewriter

  And a brief glimpse at the writer

I am an animal in the local zoo

    Just here

To entertain you

    For a minute or two 

But alas,

   It is what I love to do

It is the life that I choose

The typewriter can stay in a museum 

   But the writer has to keep on living

Idolized while still alive

   Getting praise and hate

Just for the stories they had to tell

Close the book

And wish them well

You might come up to me

  Thinking you’re meeting the writer

When really

   You’re meeting the fighter

But luckily 

   He is pretty nice 

Maybe even nicer then the writer . . .

CH 3/7/24


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