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Maybe Happy

My car broke down.

My laptop froze (literally, froze).

My hand broke (I punched a man in the face).

My hamstring is torn.

My bank account is empty.

My lady hates me.

My Grandfather just died.

My breath stinks.

My job sucks my soul.

My friends don’t keep in touch (I don’t keep in touch either).

My glasses are with a strange lady.

My hair is greasy.

My body is unshowered.

My pen is dying.

My body is slowly decaying.

My Earth is a mess.

My politicians are incompetant and greedy.

My rent is due.

My clothes are old

and don’t fit that well.

My stomach is empty.

My bottom lip is deformed (from years of biting at it when stressed ).

My sock has a hole in it.

My writing needs works.



for some reason,

I am fine.

I am alive

and maybe even,



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