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Mary M.

She asked me to come over

And I told her

That I needed a shower

She opened up the door

With her tits out

She was shorter than I thought she would be

But her tits

Were way bigger

We started to suck face

But I stopped her

“I actually do need a shower.”

“He he. Okay. This way.”

We undressed each other

And I turned us around

So I could watch us in the mirror

I was behind her

Biting her ear

And squeezing her neck with one hand

She moaned

Then we went into the shower

She grabbed my cock

And tugged at it

“This is the biggest cock I’ve ever felt.”

Then she grabbed a cloth

Squirted some soap on it

And started to scrub me

She scrubbed my back

My chest

My cock

And then down my legs

She got to my feet

And I wasn’t sure what she was going to do

“Lift this one up,” she said, from her knees.

Then she washed my feet

And I


And remembered


Washing the feet

Of a prostitute.

I almost lost my boner

When I realized

I had become

The prostitute

2 days later

And she really did

Offer to pay me for sex


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