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Long Hair Super Powers

My hair is the longest it has ever been

And it is



I don’t understand how people do it

It gets in my eyes

And never wants to look cool

It falls straight down

I hate it


I have been refusing to cut it

For a long time now

And I had a vision

For what it could look like

If I was patient enough

“Hair holds energy.”

I heard that said once

I don’t know if it’s true


It does seem to hold something

It does

Represent something

Something like

Time passing

There’s a bible story

About a man

Who had incredible strength

Because he had long hair

And when it was cut

By Delilah

The woman he loved

In his sleep

He lost his strength

And was captured

They took his eyes

And enslaved him

But the story goes on

To say

That God gave Sampson his strength back

So he

Could get

His revenge

They say he destroyed the temple he was in

Killing him

And his captures




As much as I want to cut my hair

I think I’ll wait until I have super strength


I’ll try not to fall in love again.

Easy squeezy.


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