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Little Nudges

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I should stop my intellectual pursuits.

Today's world

is not a world for the intellectual–

it's a world for the emotional.

The future lies in the hands of the programmer.

The engineer.

The tech kids.

They own the future.

It’s the era of misinformation;

And propaganda

And media

And advertisement

And artificial intelligence.

It’s peak capitalism,

and it is not a place for the intellectual.

Democracy depends on the citizens knowing the truth,

and it depends on them understanding it.

With the internet,

everyone understands everything,

and also,


It's tough territory to navigate through.

But then again,

so many of the great thinkers of the past were executed,

cast out from their societies,


they lost their minds.


you cannot disturb the routine of the collective too much;

you can just nudge it,

and hope for the best.

But those thinkers,

they were seeking to change the world–

and the world said,

‘Hell no.’


the ideas of the intellectual

were recognized,


only after they were sentenced to die…

Challenging the current way we think of reality,

it’s always a dangerous game.

Analyzing our current morals,


that’ll drive you mad,

and they’ll hate you for it.

The sad fate of the artist and the thinker


it’ll only be in the future

when their nudge comes along.


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