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Like I Do

She said that she can’t stop thinking about me

But I just want to be left alone

I am not the guy for her

She should know it

But still

I am not a ‘good’ guy

Like some think

I am not the guy who is going to settle down anytime soon

I am the guy that you fuck in a hot tub while you’re dog-sitting for your ex husband


She knows this

We can’t play pretend after

And act like we will be a couple.

No, that doesn’t do anyone any good.

I tell her that I am out writing

And need to concentrate


I can’t respond to her confession’s of genuine affection.

Cold as ice, I’ve become. 

I used to be warm.

Maybe a small part of me still is?

I don’t really feel it anymore, though. 

It is so easy for me to pretend like I am too busy to respond. 

This is not the poem she deserves

And I know

She’ll read this 

And it’ll hurt her. 

But the cold wind just is.

And it is winter here, after all.

‘The Ice King’

Who only became a king

After falling for

The Queen . . . 

Some day, babe,

A nice and smart guy

Who is full of warmth

Will love you

Like you deserve

And maybe he will write poetry about you

That won’t make you


Like I do.

CH 1/26/24

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The truth might hurt in the beginning.

But in the end,

It sets you free.

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