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Let Me Go

Updated: Mar 14

Let me go

To the natural flow

Let me find my mind, somewhere

Let me go

I’ll be back before the day is done

I just have to go touch the sun

But I’ll be back 

I’ll be back. . .

Let me go

And I’ll find me way home

Some day

In some way

I’ll come back if you let me go

But I can’t stay

Not when I have to change

I have so much to do 

I can’t stay here with you

This life isn’t a chase 

It’s only a place to be

Let me ask you, dear

Where do you go for creativity?

Down the same road?


Maybe. . .

Maybe not, though

And the maybe not will haunt me, though. . .

So just let me go

Let me go

I have to become a brave soul

I have to head out into the unknown 

Running around here in circles 

When the world is so big?

When you and I were meant to live?

I can’t do that again


Not again and again and again and again

Let me walk out the door

And I’ll be back 

Like all the times before

I’ll miss you

It’s true

But I have to go 

I don’t have time to stay

Hell, I don’t have time at all

I am a leaf in the fall

And one day I will fall, fall, fall

Down the earth

At the exact same moment of my birth

Time is just a friend

She isn’t the end or where we begin

She is just a friend. . .

And I have to go and find her


Out there 

and not here

With you. . .

So let me go

but please know

I’m probably coming back

But. . .

Maybe. . .

Don’t let me go?


Don’t let me go out there alone.

CH 2/25/24

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