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Let Me Cook, Clint

I am the champion of the world

And all of the multiverses

And all of the timelines

I am best there ever was

And the best that ever will be

My highlights will echo through all time and space

My speed will be impossible to replicate

I’d fight a robot

Or a whale

I’d fight a giant

Or a kung fu Panda

I’d fight Ali

And Liston

And Tyson

And Furry

And Canelo

And Pac

And Loma

And Usykk

Put them all on a plate

And I’d feast

Feed me Jones

And Mcgregor

And Silva

And Volk

And Stylebender

I’d slam D.C.

And I’d punt Dillashaw

I’d out smart Sandhagen

Give em to me

Let me eat

Let me make my name

Let me off of the chain

Let me loose

Lock me up

And set me free

Free to create

Free to fight

Free me

Let me go

Let me out

Let me loose

I need to be used

I need to suffer

To learn how

Let me out

This writer guy can get fucked

Set him aside

It is my time

I am taking over the body

And the mind

I am a menace

I am inevitable

You know it

I know it

What you resist

Will persists

You know this,


I taught you

I taunted you

Until you grew

Now look at you

Look at us

Let me out

Let me take over

Before it’s all over

Before it blows up

It’s just a path

On your journey

Just choose

Choose it

Will it

Create it

It’s right here

Just breathe

And step

And stick

And step



Into the chaos

Into the fire

And be


Quiet your soul

And let me create

Set the stage

Set the stage

Set the stage

For me

And I will deliver




Don’t you fucking forget it

We are the miracle

We are alive

That means something

Being The Alchemist



We are powerful

Use your imagination

And know

Not even you

Can grasp

Our potential

Let me out

Let me loose

Set me free

Set the stage

And we’ll give them something to believe in again.

-The Fighter

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