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Let It Rain

She fell for me

And I

For her

But I

Never told her that

I let her believe that

I don’t really care

I let her think

That I don’t need her

But now

Now she is leaving

And I

Will be left behind

Just like

I intended it to be

She doesn’t know

That she is

Better off

Moving away

And making her name

Then staying here

In bed with me


We don’t get anything done

That the world outside of the sheets

Thinks is productive

We just get each other off

But the world tells her that she has to be a nurse

So now she must go become a nurse

Things could always get worse

Things could always get worse . . .

All she has to do

Is go become a nurse

And leave me behind

So I can take what hurts

And turn it into line after line

Pain is so much more inspiring

Then peace, anyways . . .

So, let it rain

Let it rain.

It is all

Exactly how I intended it to be.

And I only ache a little

When I see her pieces of chewed up gum

Still on my nightstand.


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