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When life gives you lemons

   You usually fuck it up

And end up

  Squirting the lemon juice in your eyes

And blinded

  You accidentally walk into the street

You hear the horn

  Seconds before impact 

You lay in the middle of the street

   With your leg bent backwards

And your eyes stinging like a sonofabitch  

   You can hear the ambulance coming for you

It echoes down the street

   The lemon you had rolls up next to your head

You turn and just barely see the little yellow fruit

   In anger

You take your fist 

   And smash it

More juice gets in your eye

   You scream

And they swoop you up in the gurney 

  And speed down the street

Until a cat struts in front of it

  And the ambulance driver swerves to avoid her

The ambulance flips in the air

  And rolls down the street

Your arm breaks

  Your head slams into something metal and hard

Opening up a massive gash

  Right above your eye

Blood flows down your face

    And you sit there

And smile

  While looking at your broken leg, arm, ribs, fingers

Through the blood

  You smile

And turn to one of the EMT’s

  Who doesn’t look good 

And say, “Hey, Pal! At least it’s not a broken heart!!”

   He looks at you like you’re crazy

As you throw your head back and laugh hysterically

    But then you stop suddenly

And remember Her

     Your head falls into your hands

Life gave me Her and I fucked it all up, you think to yourself. 

    You curl up in a ball and pray

For your heart to stop feeling this way

   It listens and stops pumping

You fade away.

CH 1/11/24

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