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It Was All A Dream

Updated: Mar 21

It was all a dream. . .

You thought you were real?

You thought you were a big deal?

You only looked at yourself, while ignoring everyone else?

You live in someone else’s dream

It’s not even your own dream

It’s a collective contribution 

With no individual retribution 

You feel lonely because you aren’t seen

But you don’t see anyone else

You’re the only one seeing yourself 

You expect so much from everyone else

Without doing anything for them yourself 

You expect perfection from them

While giving yourself a free-pass 

You only love your own image

While plotting your revenge

On everyone that you feel slighted you




You’re all about you

Like you’re the only one living here

You know it’s true

You’re familiar with this view 

You can feel these words making your insides hot

As you continue to pretend to be someone you’re not

You tell yourself that you aren’t that selfish

That I must be talking about anyone else than yourself

But your stomach turns

And your bones burn 

Because you know that you live within your own skin

And you know that your eyes see the lies

And that your tongue spouts bullshit sometimes

But you plead ignorance

As if it makes you innocent 

You think that you’re the most genuine person you know

But that’s only because you’re the only person you really know

And you know

That so much of life is just a show

You assume that you’re authentic

While trying to hide your real shit

Making sure no one can see it

You act like you can control your own thoughts

Pretending like most of them don’t haunt




Your whole life has only been about you

But 7.2 billion other souls breath this air

So selfish in a world that we all share

But you only care

About how someone else makes you feel

Not even aware

How you make them feel . . .

You thought you were real?

You thought you were a big deal?

You only looked at yourself, ignoring everyone else?

With an ego so big that you can’t even ask for help. . . ?

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Thank you Clint. At this moment I do not feel alone.

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