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It's Only Natural. . .

Updated: Mar 14

The observable universe has a rough radius of 46.5 billion light-years 

And it's expanding


   They estimate there are 100-200 billion galaxies in that observable universe

And in our Milky Way galaxy there are about 150 billion stars and 100-200 billion planets

    One of those planets

   Our planet


   Is 4.2 billion years old

And has 7.2 billion other human souls on it

  And we have 8.7 million different kinds of species of life here

30 trillion fish here . . . 30 fucking trillion 

In this life full of galaxies, solar-systems, stars, planets, people and animals


What the hell??

All of this therapy, psychology and philosophy is the study of the self. . . 

And this culture we are in, so self-absorbed. . .

You may think that all the answers you need for life are inside of you

       But I think that’s just your ego

I think it’s time to shift your gaze from being solely inward

   And look out

To those galaxies

    And to those other people here

And to those animals 

     And realize that the real healing happens in our relationships

That nature heals and teaches

    And turn to our animals 

Are really see them

We share this planet

     We share this universe

And we share the gift of life 

Your feelings

Your thoughts

Your emotions

Your self 

You are so 



So self-absorbed 

And unfortunately 

It’s only natural

But I say

Ditch that programming 

Chuck it

Burn it

And look for the answers of life outside of your little life

Stop staring in your mirror

And focusing on everything in-between your ears

Stop crying over your feelings 

And your broken dreams and schemes 

And go think about the 30 trillion fish that live here with you.

CH 3/8/24

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