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It's Only A Loan

Take some of my will

And take some of my wisdom

You need it right now

More than I do

Borrow it for awhile

And find your footing 

Take your ruins

And build yourself up again

And when you’ve made it to a place

Where you are safe

Come back to me

And give it back to me

It is just a loan 

I may need strength some day

I may need wisdom

So come back to me

And give it back to me

Take my will and take my wisdom 

For a few years

And face your fears

But when you’ve planted your roots firmly into the ground

Came back to me

And give it back to me

Because someday I’ll have to get up for another round

Remember what I said 

When you were in that hospital bed

When you thanked me for saving your life?

I said, “Save mine someday,” in an off-handed kind of way 

So . . .

Save mine someday

Take some of will

And I have plenty still

Take some of my wisdom

I am becoming pretentious anyways 

So take it

Use it wisely 

Whatever you do

Please don’t waste it

Promise me, will you?

Promise me you won’t piss it away

Promise me you’ll be strong enough to save your own life someday 

Promise me you won’t give up

You can lean on me now

You can have my energy 

And you can even leave me

To make your life



Come back

And give it back  

And after that

It’s okay for your to leave again

As long as you return what you borrowed

Then we are all gravy, baby

I saved your life tonight

Come back and save mine sometime 

CH 5/22/24

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