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It's Just A Tool

The psyche

Isn’t so simple

You can’t pop it

Like a pimple

You can’t see it

Like a wound

You can’t feel it

Like starvation

You can’t grab it

It’s like water that way

You can trick it

In a million different ways

It’s like clay

Every day

Molds it a certain way

Molded by your environment

And all of the trauma

Molded by your relationships

Hardened on this floating ship

Shaped by love and hate

To think

That man could understand man

Just sounds

Like a bad plan

From the start

I prefer to get to know man through art

Rather than science

For science works in generalities

And does not account for the individual

And all of the anomalies

Therapy is just a tool

And treating it like a religion

Just makes man

An even bigger fool


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