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Is Peace Boring?

I could write from my shadow

Or about Plato’s cave

I could write about how fucked up the world is

Or how no one wants to do anything to change

I could write about the chaos, beauty and symmetry of nature

Or how we try to project our order onto chaos

I could write as a child

Or a man right before dying of old age

I could write about meaning

Or how mundane life can feel

I could write about courage

And free-will

Or I could write about hope

Whatever that is

I can go back to God

Him and I are always fighting

I could write about a sex addict

Or about a modern Alchemist

I could write about music

And food

Or I could write about traffic

Of course

I can always keep writing about



What I can’t write about right now is


And that’s because

I don’t feel much of it

I am not currently


By love

I am not

Trapped inside it’s spell

I am


And it is always

So much more


This way.

I’m not supposed to be writing about writing

But I made that rule for myself

And I can break it if I want to

This is my world

And y’all are just reading it

And this is a world without


And it is so


But also

A little more



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