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Into The Horizon

Once more

into the sunrise

another day

to live

and to die

Once more

into the sunrise

another day

to love

and to cry

Once more

into the rushing river

of headlights and horns

one turn of the wheel

and the pale rider

comes to see you

Once more

through the doors

into a job

where you sell your soul

for a few bucks an hour


what’re all the hours added up?

Your life?

Your soul?

Your time?

Your compromise?

Once more

into the flapping gums of your boss

the dried out old lady

tells you to take out the trash

Once more

into the river

where the metal beetles

and ants

fight the flow of the current

to get where they want to go

without any concern

for the little metal ant

that you are

Once more

through your door

and into your home

where you’re all alone


Once more

into the sunset

another day gone

full of silent regret

Once more

into the sunset

your head rest

and you wish

the day you just had

you could


Once more

will be once more

until the days are


to live

and to die

to love

and to cry

Until the pale rider

turns the sunrise




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