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I Don't Need You Where I Am Going

As I drift 

Further and further away

From who I used to be 

I reach back

To try to grab a piece of that man

So I can take it with me

On my voyage through the foggy darkness

But that man 

He takes his joint that he was smoking

And puts it out on the back of my hand

As I reach for him 

And then he growls at me

And tells me to get going


He is a rude fella

With determination in his eyes

And. . .


So much anger in them as well

I am afraid

Because that anger is his fuel

And how can I press through this foggy night

Without any fuel?

I clutch my hand with my other hand 

And give the jerk the middle finger

He smirks at me in a condescending way

That really pisses me off

“Good luck, you prick. You’ll need it,”

He says to me

And then 

Standing on the edge of that dock

He gives me the middle finger 

The audacity of this guy has me shaking

“I don’t need you where I am going!” 

I call to him

“Of course you don’t!

You’re headed for luxury, my man

You’re headed to the big-time,

With those fancy folk

And their proper speak

And proper manners

That ain’t a place for me.”

My little boat drifts further and further away from the long and skinny dock he is on

And his voice starts to trail off

And the that’s when the fog really settles in

Blanketing the still water 

The temperature drops suddenly 

I squint to try to see if he is still there

But I’ve drifted too far away from him now

And it is too dark and foggy 

To see anything behind me clearly 

Good riddance 

I think turning around

Away from him and the shore

But I immediately look over my shoulder to try to get one last glimpse of him again

But still

It is just the darkness there now

Shit. . . I am going to miss that prick.

CH 3/6/24

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