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How Villains Are Made

This is how villains are made

You lock someone good in a cage

You make them do pointless labor for you 

You tell them that they’re ego has grown too big

And that they need humbling 

You tell them that we are responsible for the world crumbling

You lock a good person in a room

And make them play with their shadows 

You make someone feel alone

And tell them that they’ll never afford a home 

You tell them the media is mostly lies

And that the elections aren’t legit anymore

You show them the stage

And make them watch the theater 

You tell them that they have to get a vaccine

And wear a mask

You yell at them to sit still during class

You tell them that it's the corporations that run the world now 

You tell a good person that there is a war raging on out there 

And you show them the pictures of the dead children 

That’s when you tell them that God is dead

God wouldn’t let that happen to the kids . . .

God must be up there laughing down at us

Or God must be


And you tell that good person

That all of it

Is our fault

And that it is

Our responsibility 

And that

We’ve been failing miserably 

And that

It might be irresponsible to have children right now


This world is that bad 

And then throw in some personal failure

And a heartbreak or two

Maybe a childhood trauma 


That is how villains are made.

. . . 

It’s almost a miracle to stay good in this world.

     It’s almost unnatural.

It’s only in the small pockets of kindness

That we feel the light.

     It’s only when we recognize how bad things are out there

That we realize that we are in a fight.

    It’s only when we can see the cage that we are in

That we get the choice to rage

    But the first few rounds of our fight always start within 

And then

  After that

 We fight the cage 

That takes good people

   And turns them into villains 

And we break it 

We break the wheel.

. . .

Alright, that's our plan. Got it?

We take the system that turns good people into villains

and we break it

and in doing so

we will make sure that we're remembered as--. . .

We become villains in order to stop more villains from being made

We chew our way out of our cage

We break our bones to get free from our chains

And I am certain that they'll paint us all as insane . . .

CH 6/11/24

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