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How To Vote

This isn't a country anymore

   It's a corporation 

And every day

    Where you choose to spend your money

Is truly

     How you vote.

As soon as you see it

      Then it becomes one biggest and easiest difference that you can make in this sinking world.


Democracy died a long time ago

   And now we live in its aftershock. 

And now that you know

    What kind of sinking world will you vote for?

And maybe,

   If we all worked together

We could start to fill up our buckets

  With the water that is sinking this world,


   Toss if over the side

Keeping this world

   Afloat a little longer.


   If we do nothing,

If keep scrolling through our phones,

  Then soon

The world will capsize

   And she’ll throw us all into her raging sea. . .

CH 2/2/24

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