Heroes And Villains


and I,

are both,


in someone else's


We are the heroes in our own story

We are the victim

The oppressed

The orphaned

The lost

The underdog

The light


that is only in our own story.

That only exists in

our own

self absorbed perspectives.


you and I


the oppressor

the bully

the established

the darkness

the symbol for tyranny,

from the perspective

of another.

Do not assume you are the hero

Do not forget about the people you hurt

How quickly those memories escape

from the maze in our minds,

and are replaced

by delusions of grandeur.

The maze is full of monuments of ourselves

that we built

and now worship,

like the false idols we are.

We are both

the idol

and the idolizer

The hero

and the villain

The oppressed

and the oppressor.

The writer

and the reader.

Be careful

of the stories

you tell yourself,

It surely comes

from the most unreliable narrator;


and me.


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