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Her Own Love Story

I know you’re scared

You’re skeptical

I know you don’t trust me

I know you don’t want to give up anything

(I’d never ask you to)

I know you want to be free

(I want you to be free too)

I know love is terrifying

I know it’s a leap of faith

I know you and I

don’t love like normal people

I know we won’t settle

for just the average

You don’t deserve the average

You deserve a love story

A beautiful one

A better one then the one that’s been told so far

You deserve to be swept off of your feet

You deserve everything

You need a story better than the ones you capture with your camera

You listen to so many stories

about how two people fell in love

You see the magic

You feel it

You deserve it but so much more

You deserve to be on the other side of the camera

You deserve your own love story

Let's paint it

Let's write it

Let's capture the moments with your camera

and with your dog

and mine.

I believe in you

I want to encourage everything about you

I cannot give up my dreams,

My plans,

My passions,

I cannot sacrifice who I am

and I know you can’t either.

That's okay

It’s perfect

That’s why I respect you

We can encourage each other

Help each other grow

We can inspire

We can pour gas on our flames

We can travel

and talk philosophy-









All things and everything

As long as it’s with you

We can lay naked under the stars

and dream big dreams

I like to dream

I like to try to change the world

I want to be so much more

I must grow

I must be better

You deserve it

You make me want to be a better person

and that’s something special

and delicate

and beautiful

It’s a snowflake

It’s a house of cards

It’s a gamble

It’s a leap of faith

It makes me vulnerable,


and utterly


To the biggest hurt imaginable,

but on the flip side of that,

lays the potential,

for the most beautiful moments imaginable.

You're the woman that inspired a man to write poetry

You’re the woman that inspires a man to fight

You’re a woman that stirred something in him,

that he didn’t know was there



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