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Heavy Rain Drops

Updated: Aug 11

There’s love in the sunshine

And peace in the snow.

There’s life in the heat

And destruction in the spark.

There’s a maze in the art

And so many ways to pick ourselves apart.

There’s air in the invisible

And reality in the mind.

There’s a way to travel back in time.

Stars explode

And shine;

And souls flicker out on this plane

And re-emerge



I don’t know,

I’m not there,


I still have light here,

And I cannot forget

All the mistakes I’ve made.

I relive them a thousand times

In the mind,

And all of the mistakes

By you,

And them,

Get retold

Over and over again,

Until we’ve grown old.

There’s a chaos in us

And beauty in the chaos.

There are dreams

And schemes.

We don’t see

The lies

Of our time,

And we can’t recognize

The truth.

We will deny

And lie

Until we create the truth we want,

And these self-deceptions will haunt



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