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Hey, ______,

I wasn’t planning on this,

It just happened.

I didn’t see you before, but now I see it.

I am sorry for this – I am sorry for me.

I will be a pain in your ass,

But you will be



You will be

The most beautiful art

I’ll ever experience

Better than any film

Or music

Better than any painting

Or picture


Are real

And you are

Right here

Right in front of me

Inches away

I never suspected you would be the one

I never saw you coming

I am also

So terrified

That I was bound to fall

For whatever beautiful soul

Gave me attention

But you are

So much more

Then that

I am just

Scared to love

You are

A missing piece

That I stopped believing in

A long time ago

But through the weeds

And the chaos

You found me

Out of all the infinite timelines

In this one

We met

And that makes

Our moment in time


To me

Thank you

For catching me

When I was





CH 9/27/23

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