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She got me so high

Just to leave me when I got so low

She showed me a way to go

Just to adios, leaving me to alone with the ego


In the cold

When I was close to frozen

She came out to me

With a warm cup of tea

And spat on me

Laughing while it froze on my face

She walked away with a smile

But I stayed there for awhile

Laying on the icy ground

With the snow

Slowlying floating down

Covering me in a white blanket

My breathing started to slow down

And all of our memories together

Made me forget about the weather

We were almost


And I used to think that was


I used to think that love wasn’t real

Now I wish I didn’t feel

The cold becomes colder when you’ve felt the warmth

I shiver

And pray to the sky to forgive the sinner

Her and I, with our dark eyes

Is there enough forgiveness left for us?

The wind picks up, blowing the white blanket off of me

A dog comes up and licks my frozen toes

It tickles but I can’t move

It starts to get dark

And I figure that I am statue now

Just a piece of art

Just a piece of art

A man without a heart

The people will stop and stare

And I won’t even be aware

They loved me

And even when they cry right in front of me

I still feel so


She strolled back up in big black boots

Picked me up and stood me upright

Brushed me off

And put a hat and a scarf on my head

And then left without saying a word.

CH 12/12/23

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