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Updated: May 17

When I was 21

I shared a room

With my childhood friend

He worked at the Boys And Girls Club

And I worked at Mcdonald's

We had no money

And one winter

Was brutal

When a heat bill appeared

And it was


We turned off the heat in our room

And said,

“First one to turn on the heat is a bitch.”

We got sleeping bags

And several blankets

But still shivered

And saw our breath

As we tried to sleep

All winter long

The thing was

The heat was blasting in the rest of the house

Our other roommates weren’t playing our game

So us

Suffering in our room

Barely even put a dent

In our bill.

And now

I can't help but feel sorry for

The environmentalist

Who try their best

To help this planet

When it hardly puts a dent

In our bill.


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