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Free Me

Free me

Let me go

Let me live how I want to

Even if I don’t know what is best for me

Let me be free

Free to make mistakes

Free to try to be great

Free to do what I want

Free to live a life that will haunt me

Free to explore infinity 

And free to nosedive into creativity 

Free to be me

Whatever that means

Free to fly

Free to die

Free to get high

Free to lie

Give me freedom

And see what I do with it

Give me money

And watch me burn it

Money isn’t really freedom

Freedom is not depending on the dollar

Money is the collar

That wraps around our neck

Willing to die for a check

Willing to give up all self-respect

Let me be free

Free to piss away my time

Free to get lost in my mind

Free to burn all my bridges

Free to try out several ways of living 

Free to ask for help

Or free to melt

Free to create

Free to hate

Free to try to love

Free to believe in an afterlife floating up above

Free to express

Free to leave my house a mess

Free to get very drunk

Free to fuck

Free to cry

Free to be alone

Free to find a home

Let me be free

Free to ride the tides

Free to make music

Free to piss away talent

Free to believe anything

Free to find meaning

Just don’t try to cage me

Or tie me down

Don’t count on me giving up

And to look for a way out

Because I know I can be free to get up for another round 

And go around and around and around

Again and again

Free to escape from this dungeon that you locked me in

Free to burst out from deep within

Yes, just let me be free to be me again.

CH 3/4/24

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