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Fear As My Friend

Can you use fear as your fire?

Can fear be your friend?

Can it be your compass?

Can it become the thing you need the most?

I feel fear when I see a beautiful woman that I want to talk to.

I feel fear when I stand on the edge of a cliff.

I feel fear when I think of the future.

I feel fear when I walk towards a fight.

What’re the ways I can overcome my fears?

How can I use them?

Everyone feels fear,

but how we respond to it

differs person to person.

That’s what separate the bold,


the cowards.

I think I’ll treat every person I meet as if they were

Jesus/Gandhi/Mother Teresa in disguise.

I heard a few philosophers talking about this

and I think it’s a neat idea to try out.

I’ll try to use fear as a compass to tell me where to go.

This life is one grand experiment

and it’d be interesting to see how life goes,

when I try these two ways of living out.

My hypothesis is that,

my life will feel better in some sort of unknown way.

Use my fears

and treat everyone like they are someone special to me.

Turns my fear into my fire,

control it,

use it,

let it help me grow

and act as if all people are my Grandma.

Stand for my values, moral and beliefs

and treat every beautiful woman as if she was Jesus…

Well how the hell do I do that?

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