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As I look out my window,

and watch the snowflakes gently sway down to earth,

I can’t help but think,

let it fall,

let it all fall down.

Let the snowflakes fall

Let the leaves fall

Let the governments fall

Let the media fall

Let the cooperation fall

Let the universities fall

Let the culture fall

The snow piles up out the window.

one snowflake on top of another.

Slowly growing.

The single snowflake is harmless,

but the many snowflakes,

that is a force



reckoned with.

Let it all fall.

It’s been broken.

It’s been destructive

It’s been blinding,

It's been deceiving,

It's been greedy

Let it all fall down.

All I see is propaganda



I’m trying to be either told

or sold something,

all of the time.

There's no space to think freely,

There’s no place to become.

Let it all fall.

The Phoenix rises from the ashes,

and takes flight towards the sun.

Let the Phoenix fly

and let it all fall down.


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