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Faking It

In relationships these days

   We are spending more time paying attention to our phones

       Then we are to our partners. 

. . .

Is it really so hard

  To walk through this world


Why do so many of us have to

Fake it?

I never could

    Fake it

     Very well.

No, it never did seem right to me.

But thankfully,

   I’m getting better at it.

It turns out,

To be able to fake something 

Is essential to surviving in this world.

Fake a smile at work.

Fake words of comfort to your partner.

Fake encouragement for your friend.

Fake orgasms. 

Fake feelings.

Fake fun on Christmas.

Fake respect for the police officer.

Fake politics.

Fake love for your boss.

I’m not saying that faking it is bad or good,

It just is part of life.

The better the actor

The better he or she can fit in to the people around them.

But the word genuine is some of our favorite self-praise.

Even though, no one knows what that word means.

And we don’t like to admit to ourselves

    How fake we are

       Most of the time.

So we hunger for the genuine 

 But hardly ever


    Anything close to it.

. . . 

Faking paying attention to your partner

   Instead of being on your phone 

     Shouldn’t be 

      That difficult,

It just takes a little more


And aren’t our relationships worth the effort?

CH 1/26/24

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