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Every Second

“They are coming for every second of your time.” The comedian said this with a deep pain in his eyes.

“Time is money, and they’ve found ways to make money off of your attention. They’ve commodified your time for you. And you give it to them without noticing.”

Yes, Mr. Comedian, we get it. We already knew this. You are not revealing anything new to us. It’s been going this way for a long time now. You’ve sure played their game for your own benefits, haven't you? You have money. You have success. You’ve taken our attention at times, and we hardly noticed.

“Every second of your life, they are coming for it. Every second.”

. . .

Doesn’t the writer do the same thing?

There’s no way around it, if you want to make money in this world, then you have to steal time and attention from others.

The only way to stay moral about it is to make sure whatever you are giving them in exchange for their time is truly worth it. Don’t waste their time with pointless entertainment for money.

At least, this is what I hope is true . . .

At least, this is what I am trying to do . . .

At least, this is what I should do.

As I come to collect your seconds, they are coming to collect every one of mine.

-C.H. 7.17.2023

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