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Every Moment

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Everything matters

Every moment

Every movement

Every subtitle gesture

Every choice

Every path

Every step

The way you step

Everything you say

and how you say it

Every glance

Every breath

Every interaction

It all matters

and so many more things do too

It’s all relevant

It’s all meaningful

No moment should be taken for granted

Death sneaks up on us

Sometimes taking us when we least expect it

but it’s always there,

like a murder of crows,

circling above your head.


remembering this,


the circling crows,

can remind you to live.

To truly live

To stop taking seconds for granted

Remember death is chasing you

and your slowing down

Death will


win that race

Life will send you waves

Instead of drowning

from the unexpected

ride the wave

Make the wave meaningful

Life is absurd


Its full of randomness

and suffering

and those waves will drown you if you let it

Don’t let it

Do your mental gymnastics

To rationalize it

With a positive spin

Realize how absurd it all is,

How meaningless

and then,

make it



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