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Don't Listen

Listen up


Good luck

With life

If you don’t want to die in order to live

And just live in order to die.

Listen up


You gotta risk it all

And let the chips fall

Let them rain down

On your face

And taste

Chaos and fate

Listen up


You got to open that lid

And expand your mind

Grab ahold of your time

While you still can

And make your moves

While you still can stand

Listen up

Old timer

You’ve seen life

And you’ve become

So resistant to change

But change is how you were made

It’s always change

Nothing ever will

Stay the same

So embrace it and face it

You will adapt

Like you always


Listen up

Beautiful lady

This world you rule

Isn’t as cruel

As you imagine it to be

Your mindset is what prevents you

From being

A little



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