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Do You Read?

Dear God,

Are you there?

Are you Listening?

Does writing poetry to you count as praying?

Do you read?

Or are you the ‘through-line’ to all of our stories?

Just how big are you?

Some call you love.

Some take everything that they can’t understand - which is basically everything - and throw your label on it.

They say you are the unknown, but also, somehow, the known.

But what are you, really?

Are you there?

Are you listening?

Are you reading?

Do you live in me?

Did I create you, or did you create me?

Does it matter if the chicken or egg came first?

Can you heal my body?

It feels so broken, God . . .

Can you heal me?

Do you work in that way?

Take some pressure off of my back, will ya?

Is there anything that you want me to do?

Are you there?


Are you listening?

Where have you been?

I don’t need power.

Or money.

I don’t want them.

I just need . . . a dream.

That’s all I need, God.

Just a dream.

Will you fuel my imagination?

Will you spark it ablaze,

And let it go wild?

Do you let fire’s rage, God?

Are you there?

Are you listening?

Will you love me?

Even if I do horrible things?

Will you love me then?

Is it conditional love?

Or unconditional?

How deep do our problems go?

How do we untie this knot in our souls,

That have been tied

So tight?

Are you there?

Are you listening?

Do you read?

Do you check on chaotic blogs?

Have you read my letters to you?

Do you remember me from when I was a kid?

I was such a force to be reckoned with, God.

Do you remember?

Do you know what happened to me?

Are you there?

Are you listening?

Do you read?

What are you?

Are you silence?

It would make sense if you were.

Are you everything?

Are you nothing?

Are you there at all?

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