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Dinner For The Crows

She was his inspiration

His muse

She filled him with music

and books

She filled his belly with food

and believed in his dreams,

when no one else did.

She came into his life one day

and changed it forever

Now she is gone

and he is still here

No one else compares

The crows circle above him,


He walks like everyone else

but with each step

he gets closer to her,

further away from everyone else,


closer to her

As the seconds tick by

As the seasons change

As the years pass by

And he grows older

The crows continue to circle,


He is waiting,

just like them,

for the same reason.

So maybe,

when he closes his eyes

and takes his last breath

He will get to see her again,

In an afterlife,

he isn’t sure is real.

He waits



He looks up at the crows

And smiles

‘Soon,’ he tells them.



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