Dear God

Dear God,

Please send me love.

I am stuck on our planet without it.

Do you have plans for me to love someone?

And to be loved in return?

It’d be pretty neat if you did…

And it would be nice if you could do it soon.

This planet can get pretty lonely.

I feel like I am missing out on one of the best aspects about being alive here.

I’m curious about what life is like with some love in it.

I’d like a true love God.

A special kind of love.

I want a love that defies time and space.

A love that can move mountains.

A love that lasts for all of eternity.

A love that inspires people.

I want a love that makes magic.

Is that too much to ask for God?

These lonely days keep piling up.

I’m ready for something new.

I’m ready for the mountains to move.

Do I just keep stumbling forward

and soon,

I’ll just stumble into it?

Or what do I need to do God?

What do I need to do to make this true love shit happen?

Can you write a shitty poem back to me or something?

Can I meet her today?

Please God….

I don’t usually ask you for things…

But I really want this one

And I am tired of waiting.

Send me Love…


And when you do send it my way,

please help me

be courageous enough

to go




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