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Daylight Savings Makes Me Sick

We sprang forward

And they took

An hour from us

Those bastards.

When we fell back

We never changed our clocks in the house

It was


An hour ahead

I grew accustomed to it

Very quickly

When it said 5 pm

It was actually

4 pm

Easy enough

Two days before

Those bastards

Steal our time

A woman I had over

Said to me

“You never changed your clocks??”

And I said,

“Nope. But in two days it’ll be fixed.”

She laughed.

But then

When we sprang forward

I kept thinking

The clock was ahead an hour

I kept anticipating the error

My brain auto-filled it

And I kept thinking

I was late to everything

It took about week before my brain


That the time displayed on our clocks

Was actually

The correct time


My sleep wasn’t bothered at all

I adjusted to that part


But the conscious mind offered more resistance to it.

The psyche is so strange.

. . .

I have some sort of infection in my throat

My tonsils look horrendous


With white and red spots

They are pinning that little dangly guy between the two of them

Squishing him

I went to see the doc yesterday

And he put me on ten days of penicillin

I don’t feel that bad

But I took today off from work

And as a result

I’ve been doing almost nothing

But writing and reading

My book gets released on Amazon in less then a month

And there still is

A lot to do

I had to put a deadline on it though

I had to apply pressure

It focuses me

Always has

The last two days

Hopping around from coffee shop to coffee shop

Doing 4-5 hours of writing, reading and editing

It makes me feel

Like I am real writer

I guess . . .

Maybe I am now.

Maybe I am now . . .


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