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Dandelion Children

Updated: Feb 17

A rose is nice

    I guess

It’s pretty

    To some people

It’s fragile

    And doesn’t last long

And it’s supposed to symbolize love

   And maybe that’s because it is beautiful and fleeting

Like love is

  But I don’t really like roses


   I like Dandelions

Because they are resilient 

 They can grow almost anywhere

In any conditions 

   And they’re hard to kill

They’ll pop out of a crack in a cement sidewalk

   All alone

Just them

   Surrounded by cement 

Dodging the feet of so many people 

     Until someone comes and decapitates them

     By pulling them up by their little heads

I remember reading about ‘Dandelion Children’ once . . .

       Many children are able to thrive in any environment, 

While others may flourish only under the most favorable of conditions.

A rose

   Will die easily

But a dandelion will survive where the rose would


Be a Dandelion

Stand alone

Be resilient

Grow anywhere

And if you ever date me

And on Feb 14th

You get a bouquet of Dandelions 

Instead of red roses

You know why   

And I am not sorry about it.

CH 2/16/24

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