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Daisy's Birthday

Happy birthday

To my Daisy Bunchanan

Thanks for coming

To the party

Thanks for stopping by

One more time

Before you say goodbye

I hope your life

Sails smooth

I hope you never move

I hope you have 70 more birthdays

And so many more moments

That make you want to stay

I hope you love deeply

If not me

Then him

Your golden retriever

It suits you better anyway

To be with a puppy

And not

With someone

Who has sad eyes

An anchored heart

And a giant head

The golden retriever

Makes you happy

And I

Well I

Don’t know what I do

I don’t know

What kind of affect

I have on you

But he makes you happy

And I like you happy

So Daisy

Don’t treat me like Myrtle

And run me down

I’m too fragile

I don’t think I could get up for another round

Just be gentle

At the end

And have a happy birthday

Across the country

I’ll be here

Probably hungry

Probably strumming my guitar

Reading another one of your authors

As my dog lays on my lap


The only thing really bothering me is

I hate The Great Gatsby.


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