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These people,

They ran in circles

For their whole lives

It was an experiment to see

How long someone could repeat the same thing

Over and over again,

But they told the participants that were in the experiment

That it was actually test of the human will—

An endurance test

They had figured out ways for the participants to:





And even get a form of sleep,

While running in a small circle 

In their lab

They had chosen endurance athletes for the experiment—

People that were already used to pushing their bodies and minds to the limit—

And they told them that they were researching the next stages of human evolution.

And they ran





And months

And then,


In a small circle

In a lab 

Even when the scientist would leave,

They would still be running

And the technology would still record everything 

It never stopped for them in the experiment, they ran every second until they died. 

When they asked the scientist if their experiment was cruel, the scientist just shrugged and said, 

“Simply being alive is similar to the experiment that we were doing. . . Life is just like running around in small circles. . . when you really look at it. . . Don’t you think so? . . . No? Well. . .”

CH 2/21/24

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