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Chasing Nirvana

I think I’ve discovered the perfect time to write a poem.

Let’s see.

It was the 5th time we had sex in the last 8 hours.

I came hard,

and thankfully,

she finally

came too.

Right after cumming,

the brain and the body enters a state

that I am not so sure the English language

can describe.


maybe I just don’t have the imagination as a writer to describe it yet

But one word came to mind as I laid there on top of her after cumming;


A perfect state of peace.

A perfect moment frozen in time.

The mind shuts off

and only the sensations of the body are felt.

But the sensation slowly starts to fade.

You try to stay in the state of nirvana

but the more you are afraid of it passing by,

the faster the moment slips away from you.

As soon as the brain starts to run again

As soon as you start thinking about what a perfect moment it is

As soon as you hope that it lasts

As soon as you start thinking about what a great poem this moment could produce

you lose it.

And you are left chasing nirvana.

I close my eyes

turn over

and try to sleep.

The beautiful Ana lays beside me,

as nirvana slowly slips away from the both of us.

And as nirvana leaves me,

as it slips from my grasp,

as the rational mind comes back right before sleep,

one last thought enters my brain…

….. Hell,

at least she came this time,

At least she got to experience nirvana with me.

And with that last thought,

I can go to sleep with a smile on my face.

Then she started snoring.


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