Cans As Currency

Updated: Aug 20

It’s hard for me to understand the fact

That money here in America is worth so much more

Compared to other currencies

In other parts of the world

And the fact

That I can take some money that I make here

To another country

And I’d be loaded

I can’t wrap my head around it

They work the same hours

And work similar jobs

But their money

Is worth so much less

It’s almost like

Their time is worth less…

It makes me look

At the homeless

And their currencies of cans

That 5-10 cents

From that can

Is worth a good amount

In another part of the world

The homeless currency of cans

Even the homeless in America

Have more money

Then the average citizen in other parts of the world

For they have their collection of cans

And all they have to

Is look for them

It’s like an Easter egg hunt

Every day

Mixed with street camping

And in this state

Camping on the street is legal

And frankly


It sounds kind of fun to

To have

Cans as your currency

And still have more wealth

then so many others in this world.


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