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Can You Feel It Again?

Between the stars

And in-between heartbeats

In the eyes

And in the soil of this earth

In our memories

And in the future

In the moments that pass in an instant

And the suffering that feels like eternity

In the elaborate design of a snowflake

And in the dew on a red rose petal

In the cotton candy blizzard from dairy queen

And in the piss that was being held in for hours

After 7 or 8 beers

Finally being freed from your bladder

In the sunset that unexpectedly slaps you in the face

And the storm you get caught in

In your dog running full speed back at you

With a smile on his face

In the tension with a beautiful friend

And in the fist bump from your teammate

After hitting that dagger three-pointer

In feeling her skin on your skin

In the helping hand of a stranger

In the sunshine

And in the flowing river

You know it

You feel it

It’s something about being alive

As yourself

Mixed with these things

It’s in the individual blended with the collective

And with nature

A part of the art

And a creator of it

It’s nature

And you

And everyone else

It’s the time and place you are thrown into

It’s every breath

And your babies first steps

Take a breath

And feel it again

Like you did

When you were a kid

Breath in life

And exhale the moment

And breathe it in again

And feel it

Repeat it

And appreciate it

Rejoice in those moments

That you only get

Because you are here right now


A human being

A beautiful soul

And so much more.


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