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Can I Have It All?

I should be searching for a new job

  But everytime that I sit down to do it

I end up writing instead

   Or I end up

Shadowing boxing alone for a few hours

   And I stay unemployed 

I can’t help it

   It just happens

My passions

    Pull me

They lead me if I let them

    And lately

I’ve been letting them lead

      I’d bleed for them if they asked me to

And, sometimes they do ask me to

    And I’d starve for them if I had to

And I might have to . . .

    I’d stay broke

With just an small sliver of hope

    For my passions 

And I wouldn’t ration

    A single ounce of my soul

If my passions needed more

    I’d give all of me

Into what I want to do

     If I had to

And I have to . . .


  I’d stay alone

If my passions needed isolation

     And I wouldn’t hesitate to be alone for my creations

     And if I had to give up my time

To make my dreams come true

    I’d throw my whole damn clock

And work nonstop

    Until I was awake while dreaming 

And if my passions are my meaning 

    Then what else do I need?

Just a dream and a means

    And I can truly live again

With just my passion, my brain and balls

    And I can almost have it all

   CH 5/3/24

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